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About The Youth Major

The Youth Major at Christ For The Nations Institute is a specialized program for aspiring youth pastors and leaders. This major is designed to train every student to become an incredible instrument to reach the youth. Our vision is to equip students for the real work of youth ministry, releasing more »

About The Worship And Technical Arts Major

The Worship and Technical Arts Major at Christ For The Nations Institute is a three year program designed to equip students with practical skills in all areas of worship and technical arts. Worship Technology, Song writing, Recording and Multi-media Ministry are some of the areas covered. Students are given direct more »

About The New Testament Church Leadership Major

New Testament Church Leadership: Ephesians 5:26 states that Jesus Himself is sovereignly and supernaturally restoring, reforming and empowering the Church to be His victorious ruling bride, an Ecclesia that exhibits His very fullness and authority in the earth. The five leadership ministries listed in Ephesians 4:11 are the key to more »

About The Marketplace Leadership Major

We are called to pray to the Lord of the harvest, to thrust forth laborers into the vineyard. For some, that vineyard is the marketplace. One of the most vitally important moves of the Holy Spirit today, is God thrusting forth laborers into the marketplace. Not only does God want more »

About The Global Missions Major

Students majoring in Global Missions are given practical training and preparation for the mission field. Perspectives in missions, modern missions and cross-cultural adaptation are some of the areas that are covered. Students will also have direct ministry opportunities to practice and experience what they are learning.

About The Children And Family Major

The Children’s and Family Major at Christ For The Nations Institute provides a unique two-semester experience of real training for life-changing ministry to children and families. This major has been prayerfully designed to thoroughly prepare and equip students to develop highly effective and vitally needed ministry to children and families. more »

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Angel Macias: My Story

  Click Here To Watch Video This is one of the most powerful MyStorys we have ever filmed. This video is about the active power of grace, hope, and restoration in the life of Angel Macias. He is not what he did, he is made new in the blood of more »