Giving For Outreach


Step 1.) Go to to begin your giving for an outreach.

To Give to an Outreach, you must first find out the Student ID # from the student. Enter it into this page:


Step 2.) Select the outreach you wish to give to, answer “Is this payment toward an Outreach?*” Yes – or No – and proceed to make your giving payment.

STOP! IMPORTANT NOTICE: To Give Towards An Outreach, The Student Must First Been Enrolled In Their Chosen Outreach.

Please confirm the student is enrolled before giving by asking the student directly. If a student is not enrolled in a chosen outreach, there will not be an option to give to them for their outreach. Make sure that they enroll by following the instructions here:


From here you will be able to give to your student towards their outreach.

The student will be able to find the payment in their Outreach Ledger in their student portal.