Meal Plan Exemption Request

  • All single students who reside on campus are required to participate in one of the food service programs provided by Aramark Dining Service in the Christ for the Nations Cafeteria, Nation’s Café and Missions Café.

    In the event that a student has a medical food requirement that Aramark is unable to meet, the student may request exemption from the food program. To be considered for exemption, the student must submit a detailed note signed by an American Board Certified Physician that articulates the exact dietary needs and restrictions. An American Board Certified Nutritionist from Aramark will examine the requirements and restrictions to determine if the dietary needs can be accommodated by Aramark. If it is determined that Aramark is unable to meet the dietary requirements as outline by a physician, the student may receive exemption from the food service program for the semester.

    *All exemptions must be submitted by the 12th Class day in any given semester. Exemptions are valid for one year.

    Details should include but are not limited to:
    Specific Allergies
    List of Food Unable to Eat
    List of Food Able to Eat

    If a specialized Menu is required, please attach a copy of the menu.
  • Please upload a note from your doctor.