Gordon Lindsay House of Prayer

On October 28th, 2007, the Gordon Lindsay House of Prayer opened to provide a place of continuous prayer. It is a place where hundreds of students can find solitude amidst the noise of dorm life on the CFNI campus. As the leadership of the school envisioned, it has become a place of intimacy with God for students and faculty alike. The GLHOP (as it is affectionately called by those who volunteer regularly) is not only a place to find personal alone time with God; there are over 40 hours a week dedicated to corporate prayer meetings.

Israel Prayer Room

Christ For The Nations is a faithful supporter of the nation of Israel and the Jewish people. It’s no mere coincidence that CFN was founded the same year Israel became a nation—1948. In this prayer room, students and guests will have a centralized place to pray before, during and after morning classes, in the afternoons and evenings. It’s located on our Institute Building (IB) and is open to students for prayer every morning but Wednesdays from 7-8 A.M. with Mike Massa and Steven Goude.

House of Prayer Hours:

Sunday through Thursday closes at 11 PM Friday and Saturday closes at 1 AM